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We’re T & Cass …

a couple of ranching women who are also self-professed enneagram nerds.

In the winter of 2020 through a series of Instagram DMs turned Marco Polo messages, the plan for the Type It Out with T and Cass was hatched. And the podcast was launched in July 2021.

A little about T

T grew up a feed yard girl. She studied feed yard management in college and worked in one for more than seven years. Feed yards were kinda her thing. But God had other plans.

In late summer 2013, T went from the feed yard to full-time rancher and Sandhiller, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our resident type nine . . .
T outlines all of our episodes and mans the website, while building her Enneagram coaching business servicing her fellow rural Americans.

A little about Cass

Cass grew up in a suburb of Denver, and was pretty sure she was going to be a professional snowboarder, a fashion designer, or an environmental lawyer when she grew up. 

Spoiler: she didn’t end up doing any of those things. Instead she fell in love with ranching, married a cowboy, and never looked back.

Our resident type one . . .
Cass does all episode editing and builds our promo graphics, all while building her personal brand where she connects the people growing the food with those consuming it.

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