The One about twos

The One About Twos with Kiah Twisselman Burchett Type It Out with T and Cass

Boy howdy are we excited for this episode! We’re back with an episode about Type Twos and our guest today is the incomparable Kiah Twisselman Burchett.

Kiah is a cattle rancher turned life coach and speaker, passionate about empowering others to create a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy life they love with a mindset-first approach.

After battling with her own weight and body image from a young age, she embarked on her own personal health journey losing over 100 pounds, but more importantly, the mental weight she had been carrying with her for years. Her story has been shared in People Magazine, Good Morning America, the Kelly Clarkson Show, Women’s Health, and more as she uses her struggles to give strength to others walking the same journey.

Growing up as a 6th generation cattle rancher, she has a heart for rural America, the agriculture community, and the western way of life. Nothing makes her heart fuller than being able to intertwine her calling for health and wellness into the community she grew up in.

Type two is referred to as the helper. Twos secretly believe others have more needs than they do and would be lost without them. In this episode, Kiah shares her experience as a two, why understanding where twos go in growth (4) and stress (8) has been so helpful for her, and how she is using her two-ness to help women everywhere.

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