The One About Sevens

The One About Sevens with Mary Pat Sass Type It Out with T and Cass

We’re back with Mary Pat Sass, midwestern farm wife and mom from Northern Illinois. Two years ago, she decided to leave her corporate career in agriculture technology to be home with her kiddo (now kiddoS!) and more involved with their family farm. What she thought was her dream job turned out to be the one thing keeping her from living her dream life. 

Now, she works to inspire others to find their passions through sharing her own experiences. She’s started her own business (yes we talk about this in the episode!) while raising two kiddos and fulfilling the role of “farm wife”.  She shares the beauty of their everyday life and gives a behind-the-scenes look on the farm.

Type seven is referred to as the enthusiast. Sevens are motivated by maintaining their freedom and happiness. Sevens compulsively plan and take in exciting experiences and fun things to avoid feelings of pain or unpleasantness.

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