The One with the intro to us

The One with the Intro to Us Type It Out with T and Cass

Welcome to Type it Out with T and Cass – the podcast where we talk all things enneagram and ag, learning and growing together in who we were made to be.

We’re T and Cass – a couple of ranching women who are also self-professed enneagram nerds. You may have heard of the enneagram, but for those who haven’t – the enneagram is a personality typing system, but it’s not like all the others. Where the others determine your type based on traits, your enneagram type is determined by motivations.

In our next episode, we’ll dive more into what the enneagram is, the different types, and some common misconceptions. But for now, we’re going to introduce ourselves and how this podcast came to be.

Disclaimer: We want to leave you with the disclaimer that we are by no means enneagram experts. But we know first-hand how the enneagram has helped us in our own lives, and we can’t help but share it with other women in ag and the world, really.

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