The One about nines

The One About Nines with Terryn Drieling Type It Out with T and Cass

This here is an episode about Type Nines! Our “guest” today is our very own Terryn, who is, of course, a nine.

We all know Terryn as not only the T in “T and Cass” but a ranching wife, mama of three, follower of Jesus and lover of coffee, who is also a writer, entrepreneur, dog-trainer extraordinaire, the nicest human, an excellent cook, vendor of Awesomely Honest Hats and the force behind @terryn.drieling on IG and on the web.

(Cass wrote this bio, just FYI. T is also very humble so it’s my job to do some jazz hands about her awesomeness.)

Type nine is also referred to as the peacemaker. Nines are spiritually lazy people who have a tendency to merge with others’ priorities and preferences to maintain their inner peace and avoid conflict. In this episode we talk about sloth (and sloths), why seeing all sides isn’t always the best, hot tips for engaging with and supporting nines, and why Terryn sometimes has trouble with waffles.

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