The One About Stress and Security

The One About Stress and Security Type It Out with T and Cass

We’re continuing our series about determining your type and today we’re talking about stress and security–we both love the aspect of the Enneagram so very much. 

Warning: Terryn’s audio is a little hinky at the beginning, but don’t worry, it gets better a few minutes in. We’re not sure what happened but we’re blaming the Nebraska wind #ruralprobs and we’d apologize except we all know Ranch Wind In Springtime is a entity and journey unto itself. 

Our personalities are fluid and nuanced, and part of that fluidity is where we go in stress and security (or sickness and health. IYKYK.)

Each type has a number that draws from in stress and a number they draw from when they are on the path of growth. Thinking about where you go in each of these areas can help you determine your type. 

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