The One with the overview

The One with the Overview Type It Out with T and Cass

Your enneagram type – is determined by motivations not traits. You are what you are. The enneagram is fluid, which means you can move around drawing from other types depending on what your wings are or where you are in stress and health, but your core type never changes.

First rule of the enneagram – you DO NOT tell your friends their type.

Our feelings on tests – they’re an okay place to start, but you really have to read and learn and decide which motivations are yours to determine your type.

Gut triad includes 8, 9, and 1. 

They tend to approach life by acting first and thinking later. Anger is boiling just beneath the surface.

Heart triad includes 2, 3, and 4.

They tend to approach life with emotions. Shame is always sitting beneath the surface.

Head triad includes 5, 6, and 7.

They tend to (over)think and plan. Fear is always waiting just beneath the surface.

Type 1 – the reformer or perfectionist

Deadly sin – anger

Ones strive to perfect the world around them and become resentful toward themselves and those around them who cannot live up to their standards. 

Wings – 2,9

Type 2 – the helper

Deadly sin – pride

Twos secretly believe others have more needs than they do and would be lost without their help. 

Wings – 1,3

Type 3 – the performer

Deadly sin – deceit

Threes crave admiration therefore they project crowd-pleasing appearances (they are chameleons who can read a room and sort of transform to fit in) that deceive even themselves. 

Wings – 2,4

Type 4 – the individualist or romantic

Deadly sin – envy

Fours believe they are lacking a certain something and will never be whole. They envy the normal and happy they perceive/see in others. 

Wings – 3,5

Type 5 – the investigator

Deadly sin – avarice 

Fives are afraid the lack the inner resources to meet the needs of others and demands of life so they hoard/work really hard to preserve things like knowledge, privacy, time, and affection.

Wings – 4,6

Type 6 – the loyalist 

Deadly sin – fear 

Sixes go over worst-case scenarios in their heads and seek out strong authority or beliefs to help them feel secure. 

Wings – 5,7

Type 7 – the enthusiast

Deadly sin – gluttony

Sevens compulsively plan and take in exciting experiences and fun things to avoid feelings of pain or unpleasantness. 

Wings – 6,8

Type 8 – the challenger

Deadly sin – lust

Eights are intense people who crave control. They often project strength to mask feelings of vulnerability.

Wings – 7,9

Type 9 – the peacemaker

Deadly sin – sloth

Nines are spiritually lazy. They often merge with others’ priorities and preferences to maintain their perceived inner peace and avoid conflict. 

Wings 8,1

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